• Provide assigned to work on or around scaffolds the necessary skills to safely perform their job
  • Provide delegates with recommended practices and guidelines to perform safely while working with scaffolds
  • Provide Necessary skills for mounting and dismantling of Scaffolds Safely
  • Know the Occupational Safety and Health (Safety of Scaffolds) Regulations as they apply to scaffolding use and construction

Personnel concerné: Toute personne appelée à utiliser un échafaudage.

Durée : 10 heures

Lieu : Notre centre de formation ou vos locaux

Stagiares : 8-10

Partie théorique

  • An introduction to scaffolds- An overview of Occupational Safety and Health Regulations- Safety of scaffolds regulations and working at height
  • Scaffolding terminologies- An overview of all the scaffold components
  • Scaffold types- Introduction to different types  of scaffolds
  • Principles of safe scaffolds erectors and dismantling of scaffolds
  • Typing scaffolds to structure
  • Emergency response/ rescue
  • Principle of risk assessment
  • Hazard and risk Recognition
  • The process
  • Practical session

Travaux en groupes, exposés interactifs, études de cas, mises en situation, démonstrations pratiques

Certificat individuel délivré par ISOI