Rope Access Techniques – Basic

Participants will learn several basic rope access techniques, familiarize with specific equipment and the characteristics of a safe system. Besides, they will be taught legal requirements, emergency considerations and rescue procedures.

Personnel concerned: All personnel required to perform work at height through rope access in the course of their job.


  • Participant is required to be medically fit
  • A statement of reasonable fitness by an occupational doctor is requested prior to enrollment

Duration : 35 hours

  • Planning of rope access operations
    • Choice of access method
    • General requirements of a safe system of work
    • Management and planning
    • Personnel competence
    • Levels of responsibility for those involved in rope access work
  • Access Equipment
    • Selection
    • Key requirements of rope access equipment
    • Certification, marking and traceability
    • Inspection, care, maintenance and longevity
  • Type of rope access methods
    • Working in suspension (descent and ascent)
    • Aid climbing and traversing (atria and other interiors)
    • Specific requirements for rope access operations
    • Use of work equipment
    • Rescue
  • Risk control measures that apply to rope access works
    • Control of working methods
    • Consideration of working methods